"For the love of our family..For the love of our friends...
Dk forever and a day.."

Lord Shyno_of_Dk

"What are we you ask?" We are a family. Oh, a clan indeed, but a family nonetheless. I can tell by looking at you that you are not comprehending. Of course you're not. These are by far cynical, rational times, and you're not going to believe that we are all dead just because I say so.

Before we go any further, allow me to tell you that you're getting and unprecedented opportunity here. My kind doesn't talk about itself to your kind. Not now, and for the most part, not ever.

I suppose we should begin with the basics of the whole thing.

The Dark Kingdom was started by four people who wanted more than a clan. They wanted a clan that upheld the true virtues of a family. Loyalty, honor and respect became the basis of this family.

One night years ago a simple argument escalated between a father and son. As a result of that heated argument, the son was stripped of his royal title and family name.

After being sent away by his father, friends from his fathers' clan found him and tried to console him. After many discussions and much consideration, the son's idea of a new family became reality with the aside of three of his dearest friends.

      Soon after the creation of the Dark Kingdom occured, more members followed their hearts and friends to this family. As time went by, the clan grew in size but never lost family values. The father and son saw thier differences through and they each went their own way.

To this day the entire family holds high the loyalty, honor, and respect along with the rest of the Dark Kingdom family.

Well....Now that you know that such morbid creatures as ourselves inhabit this earth, come...meet the family. And by the way? You're invited to BE dinner. Come now, don't tremble and look at me with pleading eyes of despair. It will only get you killed faster.....

Welcome.....to the Dark Kingdom....